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Welcome to Hop Designs, we hope you enjoy your exploration of our website!

The Home of  Hop DesignsJordan Hopkinson

Designing is my true passion,

enjoying every aspect of the

creation, especially taking design

through to completion.

ABOUT USHop HouseWhere is Hop House?

We’re situated in the heart of the beautiful village called Bramshall, nestled away from city life, but within easy reach of major travel links, the happy medium so to speak. The village is most certainly traditional, but Hop House is far from. We take pride in standing out from the crowd and taking the leap to success.

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We are able to create logos for companies both large and small - whether it be a simple modernisation, or a complete new brand, - Hop Designs will help you along the process of creating the right logo, which is often the difference from failure to success. Have a look today at the variety of logo creations we can do, and ask us how we can help you.

Logo DesignsModernising Existing Logo
Company Rebrand
New Company Design
Facebook  Page Creation
Social Media Site MaintenanceTwitter Account Creation

Although we are a graphic design company, we offer social media advertising, Jordan Hopkinson, Managing Director of Hop Designs has experience in this, creating several  pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as maintaining a large spectrum of sites, from bars and restaurants to construction.

Social Media  AdvertisingPromotional  Artworks

Creation of promotional art is well within our realms of creativity, making designs has always been an art, to make them stand out to your target audience - Hop Designs understand a wealth of demographics and can tailor any promotional material to make them want involvement with your company.

Menu Design
Brochure Design
Website  Designcontact US


If any of the information provided today inspired you to have design works done, please contact Hop Designs today, and we will discuss what would be best for you! Either use the form to or the phone and email below or use our variety of social media platforms at the bottom of the pages throughout the site. We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you in the near future.

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