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Hop Designs create branding imagery for the reinvention of The White Hart Hotel in Uttoxeter

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We are able to create logos for companies both large and small - whether it be a simple modernisation, or a complete new brand, - Hop Designs will help you along the process of creating the right logo, which is often the difference from failure to success. Have a look today at the variety of logo creations we can do, and ask us how we can help you.

Logo Designs

Although we are a graphic design company, we offer social media advertising, Jordan Hopkinson, Managing Director of Hop Designs has experience in this, creating several  pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as maintaining a large spectrum of sites, from bars and restaurants to construction.

Social Media Advertising

Creation of promotional art is well within our realms of creativity, making designs has always been an art, to make them stand out to your target audience - Hop Designs understand a wealth of demographics and can tailor any promotional material to make them want involvement with your company.

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